Hosting from Macau, the new centre for international technologies, BEYOND International Innovation Expo is a key platform connecting the APAC tech ecosystem with the rest of the world.


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Make the most of your BEYOND EXPO 2021 experience

    • In order to provide every participating audience with a better participation experience, this BEYOND EXPO 2021 provides you with an official APP. You can browse and follow the conference agenda and activities you are interested in real time through the APP, and discover and seek to establish friendship with elites and scholars in various fields participating in the conference. Besides, you can watch all the live video and photo live content of the conference through the APP anytime and anywhere.
    • For the actual participants of BEYOND EXPO 2021 this year, after you successfully log in to the APP, we will provide you with a QR code showing your identity. We recommend that you use the QR code to scan the code to enter the venue. At the same time, we encourage non-contact input. You can scan the code to add friends to communicate with other participants on the scene.
    • We will provide you with APP download as soon as possible, so stay tuned!