Aaron TSAI

Founder, MAS Capital

Aaron Tsai (蔡逸群) is the Founder and Chief Capitalist of MAS CapitalInc.(名资), MASFi (名资金融公链)– MAS Capital Universal Financial PublicBlockchain and MASBank(名银).Tsai is known on the Wall Street as the “King of Shells”, for the creation of101 public shell companies in the 1990’s, long before SPACs becamemainstream. An October 29, 1999 Wall Street Journal article said that Tsai “…is at the leading edge of a resurgence in “blank check,” or shell, companies…” The WSJ article reported that in 1999 there were 400+ shell companies,where Tsai controlled nearly one quarter of the market’s resources.MAS Capital Inc. was formed in 1995 by Tsai, a Chinese Americanentrepreneur and investment banker. MAS Capital and MAS Capital Group’steam advised over 100 companies in going public in the US via IPO andSPAC transactions, currently providing IDO and STO advisory for listing onDEXs and MASEx. With Asia HQ in Shanghai, MAS Capital Group isexpanding with China focused wealth management and investmentbusinesses.Today through MAS Capital Group of fintech companies, Tsai is building avertically integrated blockchain financial ecosystem, including:-MASFi, a financial public blockchain with cross chain capability, operatingat 10,000+TPS, Ethereum smart-contract and API 100% compatible.-MAS Pay Wallet, a cross chain, smart-contract wallet, transfer BTC, ETHand USDT in 1-3 seconds with transfer fee of US$0.10. API connectedDeFi application fee sharing capability.-MASBank, a crypto bank-MASEx, a global security token exchange to trade securities, commodities,funds (index, mutual, VC/PE), REITS, FOREX and digital assets.-HashBrownSwap, a cross chain DEX with smart contract wallet-CDzexchange, a crypto derivative DEX – Announced IDO on Ignition.