Bear Paw

To millions of fans, Bear Paw is a symbol that represents a societal challenge. It was first invented for a burnt victim who did not want others to see her face while delivering take-away coffee in Shanghai. For the majority of people, Bear Paw is also a symbol of warmth, as it delivers hot coffeefrom behind an artistic cold wall. Customers enjoy the ceremonial process, as it warms their heartswith cuteness.Bear Paw doesn’t have a face, it doesn’t want to show its face. It is a bit unsocial. It is not comfortable walking on busy streets. Sometimes it speaks, sometimes it prefers to stay silent. Sometimes it feels abandoned by the world. All it wants is to be accepted by society. Bear Paw resides in a parallel universe called Hinichijou, which means “extraordinary” (非日常). In the world of Hinichijou, imperfection is perfection, everyone is equal.