DOAN Kieu My (Kimiko)

Founder, YellowBlocks

Kimiko is a transformational leader with a proven track record of generating revenue growth for international companies across multiple industries. Her passion is to drive business growth, creating brand values, and promote innovation across the company. Kimiko is a change agent, problems solver, and promoter of results-oriented culture. As the marketing expert, she has consulted and led 30+ high-profile multi-million marketingprojects for premium brands. She is also a frequent speaker and moderator at various global technology, business and marketing conferences including Techcrunch China.In 2018, she founded YellowBlocks which quickly became the trusted partner for more than 120 organizations in over 40 countries, including 4 governments. In 2019, Kimiko was nominated as the Top 20 Young Leaders in Australia – Vietnam for her contribution to the open innovation ecosystem in Vietnam. Recently, she was named among the 10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020 by Analytics Insight.