FU Sheng

Founder of OrionStar, Chairman & CEO of Cheetah Mobile

Cheetah Mobile with the mission to “use technology tomake life better in a world where humans and robotscoexist”. Leveraging AI + big data to provide global userswith excellent Internetand AI robot services.Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM) was established inNovember 2010 by Fu Sheng, On May 8, 2014, CheetahMobile was officially listed on the New York StockExchange. As one of the first Chinese tech companies toenter overseas markets, Cheetah Mobile has gainedhundreds of millions of monthly active users globally of its utility apps and Internetentertainment content developer. OrionStar was established in September 2016 by Fu Sheng, Setting an industry standard, OrionStar is the first to provide integrated robots that incorporate “AI + software + hardware + services,” operating with proprietary AI algorithms. The company also develops the robot OS, designs and manufactures the hardware, and provides immediate assistance for customers nation-wide.OrionStar is committed tocreating useful robots and will help to upgrade the global service industry. As a technology optimist, Fu Sheng always insists on discovering usage scenarios for newtechnologies and solving practical problems with new products. He firmly believes thattechnology will greatly improve efficiency and use technology to make life better in a worldwhere humans and robots coexist.