Hikaru KASAI

Venture Partner, Elevate Ventures

Hikaru is a business technology analyst with 5 years of experience in the crypto, blockchain andDeFi space. He is a Venture Partner at Elevate Ventures, serving high-growth projects with turnkey services on advisory, research, digital, PR and business relations. Hikaru develops content ranging from industry analysis reports, blogs and articles with specialization in the blockchain field. He is an avid tech enthusiast deeply integrated in DeFi, yield farming, crypto, blockchain, NFTs and trading. Hikaru is also the Co-host (AKA the “Machine”) at the Human and Machine podcast channelinterviewing leaders from cutting-edge projects including Polygon, DIA, PARSIQ and UniLend. In his free time you’ll find Hikaru practicing self-wellness, travelling across continents and spicing up his life through cooking.