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Kin Wai is a tech entrepreneur with broad experience across Asia andEurope. Since founding his first company at the age of 23, he has since occupiedhimself with building companies across telco, fintech, digital media, softwareand gaming. He was named by the media as one of the youngest ManagingDirectors of publicly traded firms in Southeast Asia when he took his firstcompany to a record over-subscribed IPO at the age of 28. He has to date founded and led more than a dozen of technology companieswith 6 of them being listed on major stock exchanges.He co-founded the Fatfish Group (“Fatfish”), a Singapore-headquarteredregional venture builder that focuses on building digital businesses inSoutheast Asia and Australia. Fatfish is among the first of its kind to be listedon the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”). Fatfish Group manages 3publicly traded entities across Australia and Europe. Kin Wai sits on the board of Abelco Investment Group AB, publicly tradedventure builder in Sweden. He currently serves as the Chairman of iCandyInteractive Ltd. (ASX:ICI), the first smartphone game company to go publicfrom Southeast Asia. More recently Kin Wai conceptualized and co-founded ESPL (Esports PlayersLeague), a leading global amateur esports tournament network with presenceacross 16 countries.Kin Wai received his Masters degree from the University of Oxford andgraduated first class for his undergraduate study at the University ofManchester. He was also a faculty member and PhD candidate at the ImperialCollege London.