2020 witnessed an extraordinary year when the COVID-19 pandemic left a profound impact on the global economy. Meanwhile, the global biopharmaceutical industry faces great uncertainty and unprecedented challenges. In the post-pandemic era, what new trends will global pharmaceutical companies set? How will social capital be combined with pharmaceutical innovation? What kind of new market for smart medicine will be created through emerging technologies such as big data, AI and 5G and how will it contribute to international and domestic public health systems? This session will discuss medical and pharmaceutical innovation, smart medical applications, and public healthcare system.




Pharmaceutical Innovation

Global pharmaceutical R&D trends and investment financing trends

Sigma Bio, Jingtai Technology

Medical Devices

Resource allocation and sharing of medical device innovation services

MGI, Liangying Medical, An Han Technology, Sothern Medical

Smart Healthcare

Building a new pattern of intelligent pharmaceutical industry in the post-epidemic era

Penguin Almond, Jingdong Health

Public Healthcare

Digital transformation of the public health system of the future

Shanghai Big Data JSC