Fund at first pitch aims to build an efficient investment and financing matchmaking platform to help companies with excellent innovative products communicate with top international investors in one-on-one.

Application Form: Scan the QR code or click “APPLY NOW” to access the application form.

Inquiry: If you have any questions regarding the application, please email:


Application Conditions:

Target: Applicants must be legally registered companies, limited to start-ups that own products at the BEYOND event site, regardless of country, and the number of rounds does not exceed C round;

1. The technology and products in the application shall not infringe any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patents, copyrights and trade secrets;
2. Companies need to complete the registration on site before they can participate, and they need to submit company name, industry (ie single selection in new infrastructure, future technology, influence technology, life science), name, mobile phone, email, BP;
3. The time and sequence of each communication between the company shall be subject to the on-site arrangement and confirmation of the organizer;
4. The corporate speaker participating in the investment and financing matchmaking meeting is the founder or co-founder;

Industry: Open to all innovative technologies and solutions that are beneficial to the development of the industry and society. Priority will be given to companies related to the BEYOND theme: “IMPACT TECH” “LIFE SCIENCE” “INFRASTRUCTURE, SMART CITY & LIVING” “FUTURE TECH”


  • October 31: Application deadline: Please submit your application before 23:59 (GMT+8);

👉Application channel: Scan the following QR code or directly click the link on the BEYOND official website to enter the application form; participating investors and companies fill out the corresponding forms and submit them with one click;

👉Inquiry: If you have any questions, please send an email to:;

  •  November 12:The list of participating investment institutions will be announced on the BEYOND official website on November 12;


  •  December 2nd to December 3rd:The on-site activity time is from December 2nd to December 3rd, 14:30-17:00 in the afternoon;


  •  5 minutes: The investment and financing matchmaking meeting is located in the investment and financing activity area, which is the same venue as the product roadshow. Each company has 5 minutes to conduct a one-to-one rapid communication with the Italian investors on the spot;