Executive Director, NIA

Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana(PAC) –the Executive Director of National Innovation Agency (NIA), Thailand –has been recognized as the country’s pioneer in the fields of foresight and innovation management. With comprehensiveeducation background in Physics, Economics, Innovation Management and Technology Foresight, PAC engaged with various strategic projects in multi areas, ranges from academia to national policy development. With decades of experience, he involved in severalinternational and national research projects from both private and public sectors, for example managing “Trendnovation Southeast”, the horizon scanning project under the Searchlight Network of the Rockefeller Foundation, and designing “social innovation system” and policy for the Thai social economy. Also he was the Founder and managing director of NOVISCAPE Consulting Group (NCG), the foresight and innovation-specialized company based in Bangkok, and involved with various regional scenario buildings and future exercises since the late 1990s. Recently, as the program leader of STARTUP THAILAND –a national startup promotion platform by the Ministryof Higher Education Science Research and Innovation (MHESI) –he has brought national awareness on startup to the public and established a national level policy to make Thailand as an open area for startup not only in Asia region, but also for worldwide.